The role of the Vastu Shashtra:

                     Vastu Shastra is a science of living which has been used by a really long time. The word Vastu is derived from the root “Vas” which means to “reside”. Vastu Shastra is defined as a science that synchronizes the balance between human life and nature. In the world, everything, substance, man and other animals are made from the Panchmahabhoot that is the five basic elements. The earth, the water, the fire, the wind and the sky.

The five elements have a close relationship with a man and his environment. The five basic elements, the eight directions, the electromagnetic and gravitational forces of the Earth, the cosmic energy emanating from planets as well as the atmosphere and its influence on human life have all been taken into consideration in the Vastu Shastra.

Any activity in your residence or office should be supplemented by the cosmic position of the elements.

The North-East (NE) is assigned to Water: Have a bore well, underground water tank in that position.

The South-East (SE) is assigned to Fire: Have your kitchen, pantry, furnace, boiler there.

 The North-West (NW) is assigned to Air: There have a guest-room bedroom or a store for finished goods.

The South-West (SW) is assigned to Earth: It is the most stable of all elements. Keep it heavy and this is the best place for the master Bed Room.

The Centre is assigned to Space: Have the least possible activity in this area.


The most important aspect of the Vastu shastra is the magnetic field of the Earth, which has a significant influence on human life on Earth. The human body eventually acts as a magnetic field with the head, the heaviest as the North Pole. So, while sleeping in a position where the head is in the north facing the south direction, the position is inappropriate for the human body as it affects the blood circulation, which results into disturbs sleep, less concentration and other problems.

Scientific Relationship to the Vastu:

  • Water Body

  • Human Body

  • Law Of Energy Conservation

  • Food Chain

  • Combination of the Five Elements

  • Effect Of Sun Rays

  • Simple Harmonic Motion



Residential Vastu :

At Shamrock Architects, we design elegant and stunning spaces with the help of ancient Indian architecture.

There are a few important vastushastra points for residential spaces.

  • The water body should be in the North East area of the house.

  • The prayer room should be on the North East / East / North corner of the site.

  • Toilets should be in North-West / West corner of the house.

  • The kitchen can be in the South-East or North-West corner of the house most preferable in the South East.

  • The master bedroom should be in South-West corner facing Northside.

  • The guest bedroom or the daughter’s bedrooms should be in the North-West.

  • Vastu for Residential Interiors demands that no beam should run above the bed.

Vastu in Interior Design is a secret ingredient of a happy life and we have

mastered this art to offer our clients, spaces which offer peace, happiness and success.


Commercial Vastu:

The Vastu is an ancient mystical architecture that provides unique ways to design spaces, the application parameters vary in different spaces. Shamrock Architects are incorporating these elements resulting in spaces which are highly vibrant in nature.

  • Vastu for offices demands that the reception/ Visitors/ Drinking Water etc. should be arranged in the North / North-East / East zone.

  • The staff seating should be in the South-East zone.

  • Staff should sit facing North or East directions.

  • The conference room should be in South / West / North-West / South-East directions.

  • Marketing Department Or Marketing Staff should be in North-West direction.

  • Accounts department should be in the North-East / North zone.

  • Center portion should always be empty.